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Care Instructions

The quality and beauty of your Totem Road furniture can be easily maintained. If you follow these simple care instructions your furniture will maintain its natural beauty for decades to come.


With time the patina will develop contributing to the natural beauty of the timber and here are some care tips on maintaining your Totem Road pieces:


Solid Oak will absorb moisture over a few hours so it is recommended that any spills are not left for a long period and are wiped dry. Severe dirt and fluids should be removed immediately. We recommend the use of a dry cotton cloth and if necessary, a damp cloth can also be used here.

We advise to refrain from ever using any type of cleaning solution or solvent on your furniture. Our pieces are brushed and sealed with a natural one pack finish, the use of chemical products may damage this finish.

Moving Furniture

A majority of significant damage to furniture occurs while moving it without care. We strongly recommend using the supplied furniture glides on the feet of all Totem Road products.

With large items (such as beds/large tables) we recommend lifting as opposed to dragging. Dragging can rip timber joints forcing them off kilter, ruin screw threads and lead to long term damage.

When transporting furniture be sure to wrap & secure it well, be mindful of the weight of solid oak products when lifting and disassembling.

If you follow these simple care instructions your furniture will maintain its natural beauty for decades to come.

Squeaks and Loose Screws 

Over time screws can slightly loosen – this may cause some pieces to seem wobbly or squeaky, but rest assured this also is not a product fault. Please retain the Allen key for future use as it may be necessary to slightly tighten screws when need be.

Direct Sunlight and Airconditioning

Its preferable to avoid placing solid oak furniture in direct sunlight or in the direct path of air conditioning systems. The timber will naturally expand and contract, but sunlight & great variations in temperature & humidity will exacerbate this movement. This potentially may cause weak points, cracks etc.  



If scratches appear in any of our Carrara marble products they can quite easily be buffed out with some water & sandpaper. We recommend seeking advice or service from a professional when considering scratch removal.

Avoid scratches by using placemats.

Chips in any marble pieces can be repaired, although they should be dealt with by a professional.

Spills and Spot Cleaning

Treat spills and stains as soon as possible, using a damp cloth. If a stain persists, apply a ph-balanced scouring cleaner using a soft bristled brush. Do not use acidic cleaners

Of course if you need any further advice, please contact us.