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Behind Totem Road

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Don Garvan launched Totem Road in 2015, following a vision to create purposefully designed furniture that honoured the natural environment. Don was committed to the idea of sustainable consumption – a challenge to society’s throwaway culture and wanted to minimise the impact caused by it. Growing up on a farm on the South Island of New Zealand, Don developed a deep connection to nature and natural materials.
His appreciation for simplicity and authenticity would eventually be woven into a signature collection that embraced timeless design and sustainable living.
There is little point in having a product made from sustainably sourced raw materials if the finished product ends up in landfill within 2 to 5 years. A lot of furniture on the market has a very short lifespan and is often disposed of after only a few years. In part, a disposable culture is the underlying cause of this, however poor quality and design obsolescence is also a major factor. If you are going to be a part of the solution you need to be producing, and purchasing products that take into consideration all aspects of sustainability,” says Don.
Behind Totem Road | Image Size:
This is why each Totem Road piece is made using only responsibly sourced materials and the commitment to sustainability goes beyond the FSC certified solid oak itself. It includes a chain of custody from forest right through to the finished product; Totem Road products are packaged and arrive to your homes in 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging; and the manufacturing process itself has one of the lowest wastage percentages in the industry. Totem Road also provides a safe and positive working environment for all employees and suppliers across the globe. In 2021, Totem Road took the next step in its sustainable journey and became B Corp Certified.
Totem Road products further support the brand’s mission. Relaxed but refined, the product range takes inspiration from both Scandinavian and Mid-Century influences with the belief that it can work back seamlessly with any interior style or space. Timeless not trend-driven, Totem Road is designed to be appreciated beyond a single lifetime.
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