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A bedroom worth dreaming about

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A bedroom is more than just a place to sleep, it's the place you wake up each morning and the room you go to retreat and unwind after a long day.
Considering it’s most likely one of the rooms you frequent the most, your bedroom should be comfortable, safe and sacred. Here are four ways to turn your bedroom into a space worth dreaming about.
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Swap clutter for clarity
Remove any unnecessary clutter. This will instantly foster a sense of calm and ensures your bedroom is for the essentials only. Simple and minimal bedsides [link to Lagos] are a great option for storing key pieces and maintaining an organised bedroom.
Consider the materials
We spend one third of our lives sleeping so ensuring you’re doing so on a healthy, safe mattress is of utmost importance. Our Totem Road Organic Latex Mattresses are made from 100% Napure Latex, and are free from even traces of harmful or toxic chemicals.
Choose a suitable colour palette
Consider the colours that bring you calm or make you feel happy and build on your palette from there. Warm earthy tones and classic neutrals will create a space that feels restful and restorative, or sunny colours like mustard, rusts and reds will promote positivity and optimism.
Invest once, invest well
When elevating your bedroom, it’s worth investing in higher quality, long-lasting products. All Totem Road pieces are designed to be appreciated beyond a single lifetime and as such, are made from sustainably sourced, high quality materials that don’t cost the earth.