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5 benefits of solid oak

Our Totem Road philosophy is simple - to minimise the impact modern throwaway culture has on our planet by creating timeless, hard-wearing furniture that holds value and relevance beyond a single lifetime.
Our sustainably sourced solid oak is at the centre of this ethos. Combining timeless quality with a universal aesthetic, each piece is unique in its natural grain and adds a pared-back character to the space in which it sits.
So why solid oak? Here, we explore the 5 benefits of our signature solid oak.
Long-lasting appeal
Solid oak allows us the ability to handcraft furniture that will be loved for generations to come. It's strong, it's timeless, versatile and easy to maintain. A dining table that you buy now as an example, can be used for years and then passed down to future generations. 
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Light on the planet
It's not by chance that we chose to use solid oak. Sustainably sourced, our solid oak is select logged and FSC certified. 
Every last piece of wood is utilised in our manufacturing and as a result, we have some of the lowest wastage percentages in the industry. 
Natural beauty
Each piece has its own grain, meaning every piece is different and unique to your home or space.
Effortless style
Our unique Totem Road finish offers a lighter tone and understated texture, bringing a universal appeal that suits any space or style.
Strong and durable
From bedroom to living to dining and office, the unparalleled strength and durability of solid oak makes it the perfect choice for things like bed frames, mirrors and desks.
Cheaper alternatives may mean less outlay, but will likely need replacing after just a few years, which is why we encourage purchasing once and purchasing well.