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Built For
beyond a single lifetime
Crafted to be loved beyond a single lifetime, each piece is mindfully made with care and a deep respect for natural resources and communities. Combining the raw with the refined, we create contemporary designs that challenge the impact modern throwaway culture has had on our planet
Our Philosophy
The living room is often the primary space for entertaining, connecting and gathering so it's important to consider designs that are as inviting as they are comfortable.There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating this communal area but before you add the finishing touches, let's take a look at the four must haves for function and flow.
At Totem Road, we recognise that our impact on this planet comes down to the choices we make and we try to be as mindful of our impact as possible - giving and taking in equal measure. What's considered ‘sustainable’ is constantly changing so businesses need to continue to evolve as technologies and benchmarks do.

Find out more about the newest addition to the Totem Road range. Made from sustainable solid oak, the Utopia Bookshelf is a refined, timeless and durable design. Available in two sizes, the bookcase has either 6 or 8 shelves, providing ample space for collections of books, magazines and decorative items.